20 ways that will teach you How to be Successful in Business

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Being a successful in today’s rat race can be intimidating. Now more than ever, there is competition around every corner. So how are you going to compete? Are you going to be part of the crowd or step up you game to find the ultimate success in business?

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1. Start with why

If you haven’t read Simon Sinuks book, start with why, I highly recommend picking it up. Businesses that are successful and who manage to set themselves apart from the pack have something special about them.

It may seem as if the cult-like following of Apple is magic, but there is actually something deeper going on. Apple knows it’s why. Apple’s why is to “think different.” Everything they do in their marketing and messaging supports the fact that they are for those people who want to be different.

This consistent why not only sets them apart from everything else, it also allows for the hardcore fans and followers that will support the brand who share the same why in their personal live philosophies.

In your business, you need to know why you are doing what you are doing. You need a driving force that will ultimately define the consistent actions you will take, as well as the future clients you will attract. 

Your why should be something powerful that inspires you and makes you excited. You are going to be doing this career for a while, so you are going to want a powerful and inspiring force behind everything that you do.

2. Organize your To Do List

Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

In business, it is going to be crucial that you keep all of your mounting tasks organized and under control.  It is advisable to keep a digital (or paper) planner handy at all times. Add all of your appointments and meetings to your calendar and make sure to save time for travel.

It is also advisable to keep track of your home events in the same place as well so you don’t over book.

A great way to stay organized and to stay on task is by writing down your goals at the beginning of the week and then mapping out the steps to achieve them.  Write a to-do list for yourself everyday that will keep you focused and on track.

Time management is something that we all struggle with at one point or another, so it is also wise to make sure to mute social media and distractions during work hours.

Check out how to write goals to succeed here.

3. Keep Detailed Records of Finances

This is not the most glamourous part of being successful in business, but it could be the most important. Keeping track of all of your expenses, metrics and finances is crucial to your success

You will need to know where you stand with your spending habits, your profits and your losses to know how well you are doing.  Keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet will keep you a float in the early years where every penny matters.

Tracking some key metrics such as ad conversions or email opens will also help you gain insight into what you are doing right or wrong in your marketing efforts. It is always good to find a way to track and measure anything that will have an effect on your bottom line.

Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

4. Study the Competition and Model their Successes

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel in business. There is nothing wrong with watching things that make a company successful and modeling yourself after them. 

The good thing about this is that nowadays almost everything jas been done before, so there will be companies that can give you examples of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your own business. (Just make sure what you do always aligns with your why.)

5. Be Creative in your Business

Creativity, Innovation and originality will always gain my admiration.  When You are going through all of the efforts to be successful in your business, make sure to leave space to be original.

Yes copy the successful aspects of a company, but be original at the same time.  You have your own unique voice and your own unique thoughts that only you can have.  Don’t be afraid of adding a little originality to your business mix.

See The Importance of creativity.

6. Keep Focused on your Daily Tasks

Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

It is so easy to go after the newest technologies and the shiny objects that distract you and leave you daydreaming about all of the possibilities.  In the beginning, you need to buckle down and focus.  Those shiny things can distract you for hours and are killing your productivity and business.

Set your goals and be relentless in getting them done.  Allow yourself time for daydreaming and experimentation only after the daily tasks have been achieved.

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7. Make Sacrifices to Achieve Greatness

To be truly successful in business, you are most likely going to have to make some sacrifices.  You may have to give up Facebook, or your favorite TV shows or even time out with friends to set aside the proper time for your career.

This may only be temporary until you are established, but it is worth thinking about in the beginning when there is so much to conquer. Are you willing to get up earlier? Stay up late? Is there something that you can give up that will give you the extra edge that you need to be successful? 

8. Always Remember Customer Service

No matter what job title you hold, business you own or career you strive for, people will be at the center of it all.  Customer service and knowing how to treat people is crucial if you want to be successful in your career.

Remember the golden rule and treat people around you with respect. Be genuine and caring in your interactions. Ask open ended questions and get to understand your customers and clients.

A personal touch and genuine caring attitude will do wonders for any business and any relationship that you Encounter.

9. Be Consistent with your Business

Always act in a consistent manner.  Treat everyone as if they are the most important person in the world. Follow a proven work flow, and operate with your why in mind at all times.

If something seems to not be working in your business, make sure you have given it ample time to test and then find another way to offer a consistent message. People buy what they know like and trust. They will not trust you if you are changing things all the time.

Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

10. Be Fearless & Take Calculated Risks

In a way, business is like gambling. You know that at some point you are going to have to invest with no guaranteed returns. Embrace these risks and be bold. But also make sure the risks are calculated and favor your success. 

11. Learn to Lead and Inspire Others

Even if you are an accountant, you are going to have to relate to others and shine with passion when you talk about the numbers. Invest in yourself and read up on what it takes to be a leader. 

Your inspiration and passion will become like a magnet to the people  around when you learn to portray what really makes you and your business tick.

12. Embrace Selling in your Business

If you are in business to make money, you are going to want to learn about sales. Even if you don’t sell a product directly, to be successful, you have to sell yourself. The word “sales” often has a negative association to it, but it really is nothing to be ashamed of. 

The gist of selling something to someone is basically finding a way to work with them to help them achieve a goal or a need. There is no need to be pushy or icky. You are there to solve their problems.

13. Be Authentic and Provide True Value to your Clients

In business as well as life, it is necessary to be genuine and authentic.  People know when you are being fake or aren’t listening.  Being genuine can be accomplished in a few different ways.

First, you need to know and understand your self and your own values. Always pay attention to how you are felling and devote time to self-awareness.

Next, you are going to be present when you are listening to someone. Instead of only half way paying attention, try actively listening and actually getting to know the person that is speaking.

Last, don’t try to act perfect all of the time. Nobody is perfect and you will come across as more genuine and personable if you acknowledge your human side.

Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

14. Practice the 80/20 Rule for your Career

If you haven’t heard of the 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principal, prepare to get your mind blown. This 80/20 ratio applies to almost everything in life. 20% of people own 80% of the nations wealth. 20% of people use 80% of companies sick days. 20% of whatever you are working on will get 80% of the results.

To be more effective in business, it is necessary to figure out which tasks are responsible for the dramatic results and focus on these first. Also evaluate your business frequently. Take a look at the 20% of customers that are driving 80% of your revenue and attempt to find more people like them.

15. Experiment and Try New Things for your Business

For a business to be successful, it is going to need to experiment on many things to see what works and what doesn’t. Whether you are introducing a new product, or finding different ways to advertise, experimentation is key to understanding what will work for you and your audience.

By experimenting and investing on a small scale, you can save time and money. You will know what works and what doesn’t without having to go full force only to fail. Experimenting can also lead to new ways of streamlining your business or new innovations.

Always be willing to learn and try new things.

16. Define Your Business Brand

A brand is much much more than colors, logos and websites. A brand is a message and belief that you are giving to your followers.  Your brand communicates who you are and what you believe.

You are going to want to put in a lot of thought into your businesses brand. Think about who you are marketing to and what will appeal to them.  Also find a way to market and portray your company in a consistent way that shows your tribe what you believe and what you can do for them.

17. How to be Successful in Business: Balance your Personal Life

Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

To be successful in business, it may seems like to have to always be on.  While it is great to have this passion for what you are doing, don’t forget the people you are doing it for. 

Make time for family and friends. While you are with them, be present. Turn off your phone and leave the emails for a few hours. It is always a good idea to find a balance that works for you and your family.

18. Have a Business Plan and Strategy for your Business

If you are starting a business without a plan, you may not end up as successful as the person who took the time to plane out every area of their business framework.

Business plans are great for everything from financial planning to daily operating and marketing goals.

19. Keep Up With the Trends in Your Industry

Keeping track of what is going on in your industry and in similar fields will have a giant effect on how successful your business will turn out. By keeping an eye out, you may find new technologies and ideas to help you grow.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye in the competition to see what is and isn’t working for them in your industry.

20. Keep Learning in All Areas

In order to keep growing in business and in life, you are going to want to develop a quench for knowledge. Knowledge in all areas of life will help you to be successful in business.

A growth mindset is always looking for new knowledge and new ways of doing. Always have a book to read and a hobby to pursue. You never know where you are going to find the next idea that will skyrocket your business success.

Now that you have 20 new ways to be even more successful in your business, what are you going to work on first?  Take these tips to heart and be the best you that you can be!

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Being successful in business boils down to many things. This article will show you how to be successful in business and achieve your dreams. #successfulbusiness #creativelife #businesstips

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